The Sun Kings “Beatles Tribute” @ The Rogue Theatre on 4/26/2014

It is an honor and joy to perform The Beatles’ songs. The Sun Kings’ desire to stay true to the Beatles’ recordings when performing, along with striving to capture the fun, infectious and joyful vitality had in The Beatles’ live performances, is as strong as ever. We’re not out to be imitators of the lads, nor does anyone in the band take themselves so seriously in the process either, other than really working hard at it. We are simply the fans we have to impress and bringing the music to stage as the authors intended in their recordings and performances is our intent.


The Pink Floyd Experience @ The Craterian on 3/26/2014


There’s a reason why PFX is hitting the road again, because we love playing and celebrating the music Pink Floyd left behind! If you didn’t get a chance to see our Greatest Hits and Rarities Tour last year, then not to worry – we’re making stops to all the places we didn’t get to roll through last year.


The tour kicks off on February 27, 2014. Click here for tour dates to see if we’re coming to a town near you !


Until then…keep calm and Floyd on!